Howard Murray Case, Sr.
December 22, 1917 New York, New York   - 
November 14, 2001 North Fort Myers, Florida

Dad was called Poppy by all the grandkids.  He passed away on November 14th while we were in Italy.  We received word just as we arrived at our hotel in Parma after spending a wonderful day with the Vestri family in Petrignano at the olive oil factory (and, yes the oil is spectacular this year!).  The trip back to Florida was long and tiresome. We were able to complete our planned time in Parma, and had already enjoyed five wonderful days in Florence, in the supportive company of dear friends Diane and Leonard.  We cancelled the following week in Venice where we had been looking forward to joining seven of our friends. 

The memorial Mass for Dad was lovely and attended by almost 100 people at St. Andrews Church in Cape Coral.  Brother Ed was the Deacon for the Mass and delivered a beautiful and loving eulogy.  I served as Lector for the Scripture Readings, and the Grandchildren brought up the gifts.  The music was beautiful.  After the service the family went to Lee Memorial Park for the interment of Dad's ashes, and there was a reception for all afterwards in Mom's community hall.

Kris and I stayed with Mom through Thanksgiving which was celebrated at my sister Pamís house, with both she and other-sister Chris fixing a magnificent feast for 22 of us.  The entire family was there, and we took great joy in each otherís company.

Dad lived a full and good life Ė he was 83 - and was known for his kind and gentle nature.  We are forever grateful that he passed quietly in his sleep, was kept very comfortable in his last weeks at home by the loving care of  Mom and the assistance of Hope Hospice, and is now at peace with God.   Many of our friends met Dad for the first time here in San Francisco recently at our 25th Wedding Anniversary.  Dad  told us many times how grateful he was that we had this celebration so that he could be together with all the family and meet so many of our friends.  The image of him, barely able to walk without assistance, dancing with sister Chris will always be with us.   He is survived by our Mom and my brother and sisters.

What he left was the greatest gift anyone can leave: a beautiful family that will enrich the Earth for generations to come.

We miss him.


Here Are Some Wonderful Memories of a Wonderful Man


Two early great shots.  The ice cream smeared on his face foretold a lifetime love affair with the frozen confection.

The formal shot with the toy train is a bit out of character with his legacy.


Dad was a decorated officer in the European campaign of WWII.  He didn't talk about his Bronze Star and was very modest about his achievements, but he sure cut a handsome figure in his uniform.

Mom & Dad were married on January 15, 1944 & I was born in October while he was still fighting in Germany.  The picture at right was the taken very shortly after he returned home.  It's hard to tell me from him in his early pictures.

Here are some family shots.  Mom & Dad with the kids: 

  • Howard, Jr. (that's me).  There's lots about Kris, my wife, and me on this site.

  •  Ed: he's the Deacon and lives on Long Island with Susan his wife and his son Sean who is now an honor student at Fordham.

  • Chris who lives on the East Coast of Florida.  She was married to Randy Magin and they have two great boys, Marc who works in computer animation near her, and  Randy Jr. who lives near Mom and is married to Karen.  They have marvelous twins Sarah and Randy III.

  • Pam who lives with boyfriend-Dave near Mom in Ft. Myers.

<-- Chris's Wedding - 1969.  That's Dad's Mom on his arm.
At a family reunion at Chris's house in Florida - 1997. -->

<-- At Dad's funeral.  Ed, Randy Sr., Chris, Kris, Sean, Susan, Mom, Randy Jr., Howard Jr., Dave, Karen, Pam, and Marc.


A Few Favorite Pics:

My Favorite Picture of Dad.  

With his long-time best friend Burt Klein at Randy Jr's wedding. Dad is now kibitzing with Burt again Up There. 

Mom & Dad looking particularly handsome at the 1997 Family Reunion.

The Last Dance

Just a few months before he died, needing the aid of a walker and considerable help to get around, Dad took flight on the dance floor with Chris at Kris & My 25th Wedding Anniversary Party.


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of the Family at the Funeral and Thanksgiving