Ft. Mason Picnic


One of our favorite "secret" places in San Francisco is a little-know picnic spot in Ft. Mason behind the youth hostile.  It is just perfect to bring the kids.  There is a large kind-of sunken lawn where the kids can play.  We don't need to worry about where they are.  There are only three picnic tables and they are almost never occupied.  It's almost a private spot.  The views are drop-dead gorgeous.  You are up on a bluff overlooking the Bay from the Golden Gate to Alcatraz through the Monterrey Pines.  We have been there several times with Bob and Missy and Robbie and our grandkids.  Robbie loves to play with Freya and Dietrich and they love to play with him.  You are not supposed to barbeque here or drink alcohol (ridiculous Federal Park rules), but the rangers are very understanding if you are well behaved.

This album is from a picnic July 30, 2000.  Too Much Fun!

P7300014.jpg (149122 bytes)
Dietrich Studying the Historical Marker

P7300064.jpg (139273 bytes)
Robbie Grabs Frey's Nose while Dietrich Voices his Opinion

P7300040.jpg (129989 bytes)
Mug Shot

P7300005.jpg (139998 bytes)
Bubbles and Portable Play House keep the Kids Happy

P7300035.jpg (130102 bytes)
Dietrich Peeks Out

P7300042.jpg (113124 bytes)
A Nice Backdrop

P7300027.jpg (148716 bytes)
Yum - Fruit Salad

P7300050.jpg (129581 bytes)
Happy Mama

P7300057.jpg (120369 bytes)
Pretty Missy

P7300007.jpg (122780 bytes)
Handsome Bob

P7300036.jpg (144918 bytes)
Kris Likes this Kid

P7300020.jpg (107984 bytes)

P7300060.jpg (143902 bytes)
Robbie Wants to Go Play

P7300058.jpg (116230 bytes)
Proud Papa

P7300054.jpg (140513 bytes)
Robert Makes a Point