NY Travelogue


These pictures tell the story of our visit to New York to introduce Freya on her 10th Birthday in March 2001.  This is where she met Eloise. 

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01-On Board with New Friend.JPG (62173 bytes)
On board, on the way. Freya, as always, found an instant friend.
08-At the Seagrams Building.JPG (48826 bytes)
The first evening we walked a few blocks to the Brasserie, pausing at the Seagram's building for a photo-op.
12-What a Desert.JPG (49200 bytes)
Freya loved the Brasserie (so did we!), especially when they brought her dazzling dessert. We insisted she leave her new blue sunglasses in the hotel, only to be seated on the banquet next to a chi-chi couple - the lady wearing identical glasses! 
13-Chrysler Building.JPG (51490 bytes)
We walked back in the crisp evening on Lexington Ave. with the Art Deco Chrysler Building as a beacon.
17-StPatties.JPG (77254 bytes)
Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day.  We started in the morning with mass at St. Patties.
15-StPattys Transpept.JPG (49923 bytes)
St. Patties transept. 
16-Cardinal OConnors Sermon.JPG (78325 bytes)
Newly elevated Cardinal O'Connor delivering his sermon.
19-GE Building.JPG (55442 bytes)
My favorite building in New York will always be the RCA Building, no matter how big GE makes their logo.
18-Atlas.JPG (58967 bytes)
This famous statue of Atlas is directly across from St. Patties and provides a vista of Rock Center.
20-Promenade.JPG (88475 bytes)
The famous Rock Center Promenade.  Prometheus is under wraps being repaired.
21-Rink and NBC.JPG (80024 bytes)
Late in the day GrandMa took Freya ice skating on the famous rink, and Tuesday early AM they stood in the cold in front of the Today Show.
23-Freya and GrandPa.JPG (69933 bytes)
Freya and GrandPa in Rock Center where we took her into the lobby of the RCA Building to show her the Diego Rivera murals & explained how this brilliant artist worked for the people.
27-Greek Ind Day Parade.JPG (100427 bytes)
There was a huge parade on 5th Avenue.  Greek Independence Day.  Lead by the Mayor, it went on for hours.  Really exciting.
29-Penguines.JPG (72542 bytes)
We walked all the way up 5th Avenue to the Zoo where we saw them feed the seals and enjoyed these penguins. 
30-H and K in Central Park.JPG (63766 bytes)
Freya took this great picture of GrandMa and GrandPa in Central Park.
31-Plaza Hotel and Sherman Statue.JPG (88883 bytes)
The Plaza Hotel.  Our destination for a big splurge. High Tea in the Garden Court. See the photo at the top of the previous page.
33-GrandMa Pours Tea.JPG (55621 bytes)
Freya went to the Plaza bookstore before we started tea and found a book on Eloise.  She read the entire book before tea.  She was most impressed.
26-St Barts in Snow.JPG (90237 bytes)
Gads, we woke up the next morning to a freak March snow storm, and we were headed for the Statue of Liberty!  But what a picture of St. Barts.
34-Subway.JPG (58258 bytes)
Freya L O V E D  the subway.  She even got up enough nerve to walk between the moving cars!
36-Grand Central.JPG (52345 bytes)
Grand Central was Grand.
40-GrandMa in Blizzard.JPG (55456 bytes)
Now here's a trooper! The Statue of Liberty in a blizzard!
41-Freya and Liberty.JPG (32744 bytes)
Liberty as majestic as ever.
44-Lower Manhattan.JPG (116869 bytes)

The snow cleared but it got colder!  Lower Manhattan from Ellis Island.

45-Lunch at Katz.JPG (72317 bytes)
Katz's Deli.  
The quintessential N.Y. Deli.   
Freya had Latkes, an egg cream and cheesecake!  GrandPa wet crazy for the matzo ball soup & shared the best pastrami sandwich with GrandMa (and 2 buckets of pickles!).  If you don't know Katz's you should, and not because of the faked orgasm in When Harry Met Sally.  
It's the food that counts, and take home a salami.
47-Times Sq.JPG (69631 bytes)
Times Square with GrandMa.
48-2 Watch caps.JPG (60386 bytes)
Matching watch caps.  We bought them as a necessity.  It was COLD.
51-81st Street.JPG (72879 bytes)
On Tuesday we had an early evening flight and spent the day at the new Planetarium.  

All text and photos Copyright Howard Case 2001