Mass on Shaw Island

The Beachcomber is a good-sized house on the north shore of  Orcas Island.  It is part of a complex where all of the other facilities are small log cabins lined up along a lazy cove looking through the islands and shipping channels.  On a clear night you can see the glow of  Vancouver.  The Beachcomber has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a sleeping loft, but the real joy its its great open room with a pretty rustic stone fireplace rounded by 2 couches and chairs at one end, an open kitchen at the other and a large dining/work table in the middle.  All fronted by a solid glass wall and a huge deck just steps from the shore.  This big open space was wonderful for family activities because everyone could get involved in everything.  Fixing meals.  Making decorations.  Baking cookies.  

Vic & Freya making Tree Decorations

Vickie brought a whole kit for craft projects - colorful pipe cleaners, beads and craft paper.  We set out making our own decoration for the tree.  I had caught Martha Stewart showing people how to make decorations out of gum drops.
(      W H A T!!    Look. They're cute. And the kids loved making them.)

Kris brought a whole bunch of cookie cutters and everyone spent time making cookies and decorating them of the tree. 

Dietrich Shows off his Math and his Cookies

Vic Prepares a Math Lesson

Freya & Dietrich Intense on Vic's Lesson
(Click for large image)

Freya making Tree Decorations
 On to Christmas Day!