Orcas 2000


Early Morning Ferry.jpg (141366 bytes)
Early Morning Ferry

Orcas Lading.jpg (147223 bytes)
Arriving Orcas
A Pretty Lady Waits.jpg (166670 bytes)
Mary Grace - Always Grace

Mike's family has been going to Orcas Island in the summers for 50 years.  He graciously shared the experience with us and we loved it.  This is truly a piece of God's country.

Kris fell so madly in love with it that she couldn't resist signing us up to rent the stunning cabin for Christmas 2000

The demand is so high for this property that we'll have to leave the name out, else y'all will be trying to reserve it when we want it!.

Diane and Lenny Arrive.jpg (113309 bytes)
Diane & Lenny Arrive
As Handsome as the Flowers.jpg (132182 bytes)
Leslie, Mike and Mom
A Quiet Moment.jpg (154912 bytes)
Pealing the Apples.jpg (136781 bytes)
Kris & Mary Grace
Rule the Kitchen
Look Mike - Its a.jpg (128066 bytes)
Mike - Is that a Bird?
No - Its a.jpg (149429 bytes)
No Leslie, it's Superman
Janie Quizes Jeff.jpg (123695 bytes)
Jeff met his match with Jane
More Martinis.jpg (136257 bytes)
Martinis at Sunset


Vermouth is for the Birds.jpg (132441 bytes)
Never Use Vermouth


Pour the Wine.jpg (128133 bytes)
Dinner Going Well
Pursuing.jpg (140396 bytes)
He and She
A Flip.jpg (90901 bytes)
Flap that Tail
Breach.jpg (39528 bytes)
Up Close.jpg (153050 bytes)
Up Close
Pastoral View.jpg (164824 bytes)
Pastoral View
I Think we are on the wrong road.jpg (123687 bytes)
This Boat's Going the Wrong Way!
A Beautiful Ride.jpg (128303 bytes)
Serenity.jpg (129940 bytes)
A Lovely Evening