San Mateo Coast



When the grandkids visited in the summer of 2000, we drove down the San Mateo Coast to the wonderful marine park where the tide pools are preserved and available for careful perusing.  After, we continued down to Pescadero and had dinner at the funky and great Duarte's Tavern where the fish is fresh and the berry pie reigns supreme.


Pokemon.jpg (135971 bytes)
Pokemon before tacos.
Taccos.jpg (135080 bytes)
Good Tacos.
Climbing non-submerged Rock.jpg (121872 bytes)
Exploring the tide pools.
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Aren't we Beautiful!
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Grandma's Favorite Picture
Dietrich Esplores Tidepools.jpg (149110 bytes)
Duarts.jpg (128013 bytes)
Duarts Dinner.jpg (132648 bytes)
Dietrich's Fish Bone.jpg (135017 bytes)
Yo! I cleaned to Bones Bare.
Duarts Bar.jpg (136655 bytes)
The Tavern