Anna's Menus


Saturday Night


bulletBruschetta of melted pecorino cheese and prosciutto
bulletFresh local ricotta cheese drizzled with local honey
bulletMushrooms stuffed with a meat an herb mixture
bulletFrittata.  Fresh from the oven.
bulletFarm marinated vegetables: small onions, tiny carrots, green beans, red pepper, and cauliflower   marinated in the most wonderful vinegar. When we praised the vinegar, Alessandro told how in his first year inexperience, he ruined an entire crop of wine and now has a 20 year supply of superb vinegar.
bulletA duck liver pâté- a light-as-a-feather pâté (like a  mousse) served with toast.


bulletA homemade pasta about the size of oracchiette or cavatelli with ridges for holding the sauce of fresh turnip tops and aged ricotta cheese.  It was stunning.


bulletRoasted duck with roasted potatoes.
The technique for roasting this meat we were to see again with rabbit and turkey - and later in Rome at a wonderful Tuscan restaurant with pork and lamb.  The meat is cut up roughly leaving it on the bone. Then rubbed with garlic and herbs and roasted in the oven in a generous amount of olive oil.  The just over bite-sized pieces are crispy on the outside and succulent within.
bulletFresh Garden Salad
Every night the secondo was accompanied by a fresh salad.


bullet Mt. Blanc
Puréed chestnuts and chocolate topped with whipped cream. 



Jerry Drizzling the wonderful honey on his fresh ricotta next to a piece of prosciutto from Alessandro's "x-pig."


Liver Pate, Ricotta, Fried Cauliflower & Wine


Vegetables marinated with Alessandro's Wonderful Vinegar


These are made with Tuna, Dried Ricotta, Parsley 


Marinated Anchovies


Vegetable Casserole

Thanksgiving Dinner


bulletProsciutto from Alessandro's "x-pig"
bulletRicotta cheese and honey
bulletMarinated Anchovies
bulletVegetable Casserole
bulletProsciutto and Cheese rolls - deep fried (yum!)
Kris had been practicing these on all our guests at every dinner party since we returned from Italy.
bulletDuck liver pate


bulletAnna's homemade tortellini with fresh local Umbrian black trufflesThis was a real special treat prepared by Anna in honor of American Thanksgiving. 


bulletTurkey roasted with a stuffing of veal and pork, served with roasted potatoes. We had seen the turkeys in the pen until Thanksgiving morning.  They were served because Alessandro know the American tradition.  This tasted nothing like what we do to a turkey!
bulletFresh Garden Salad


bulletFresh homemade tiramisu



Thanksgiving's Homemade Tortellini con Tartufu


Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey with Sausage Stuffing and Potatoes