Antica Picture Gallery


The Group at the Antica Fattoria del Colle in Deruta

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 Alessandero Serving.jpg (48007 bytes)
Alessandro Serving
AlessandroSmile.jpg (56914 bytes)
Alessandro's Smile
AlessandroAnna-and-Dog.jpg (58697 bytes)
Alessandro, Anna, and Dog
Anna.jpg (33933 bytes)
Allesandro.jpg (51246 bytes)
Jim.jpg (24227 bytes)
Jim Enjoying his 1st Trip to Italy
Betsy.jpg (45941 bytes)
Betsy Checking a Listing
Jerry.jpg (47154 bytes)
Jerry Checking out the News Back Home
Group at Table - Bettsie.jpg (32079 bytes)
The Group in a Photo from Betsy
Leslie and Mike.jpg (45828 bytes)
Mike and Leslie with Big Smiles
Mike.jpg (53698 bytes)
Mike Enjoys a Cocktail
Kris and Diane.jpg (40256 bytes)
Kris and Diane before Thanksgiving Dinner
Kris and Diane Antica.jpg (78397 bytes)
Kris and Diane before Good-Bys
Diane-and-Lenny.jpg (55684 bytes)
Diane and Leonard
Graham-Perry.jpg (50806 bytes)
Perry and Graham who showed up just before Thanksgiving.
H-and-K Antica.jpg (83576 bytes)
 Howard and Kris outside the Antica
H-and-K Deruta.jpg (43197 bytes)
Howard and Kris with Hill Town in the Distance
Who Made This.jpg (50727 bytes)
Jerry and Kris Check out the Deruta Maker
Perry.jpg (50322 bytes)
Perry Enjoying dinner
Diane.jpg (36185 bytes)
Diane is All Smiles